Our vision is to give consumers (readers) the possibility for active participation at content creation and also to reward them for such participation and at the same time, to exclude advertisers and cancel all subscriptions. For this purpose, we will use the advantages of cryptocurrency. In a cooperation with GetOn multi-platform we already created 2.078.822 CryptoBoard Tokens (CBDX) which are intended to support expansion to Slovenian media market. The supply 2.078.822 represents number of Slovenian population at the moment when CryptoBoard Token smart contract is deployed. Users activities which will contribute to expand market share1 of CryptoBoard media platform will also trigger the mechanism of transferring CBDX tokens from “undistributed” supply into “circulating” supply. Users which will get CBDX tokens for their activities on the platform will be always able to use such tokens for premium features and multiply the value or simply sell them on the Geton.Exchange. CryptoBoard Blockchain Corporation is motivated to purchase such tokens hence inject them into project Liquidity pool to backup CBDX stakeholders. CBDX tokens are only dedicated to support CryptoBoard market share acquiring operations at the area of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and connected trading operations news.