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36.906.354 EUR

Marketcap growth


Coin price

0,19661989 EUR

Available circulating supply


47.725.009.333 EUR

Marketcap growth


Coin price

8,00384716 EUR

Available circulating supply


Lifeonscreen marketcap

799.420.011,01 EUR

Marketcap growth


LOS price

6,3954 EUR

Available circulating supply

99.999.730,62 LOS


27.578.895,92 EUR

Marketcap growth


IHELP price

0,35 EUR

Available circulating supply

76.535.937,14 IHELP


1.225.507,01 EUR

Marketcap growth


CBDX price

2,0434 EUR

Available circulating supply

238.692,89 CBDX

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Harness the leading dynamic
price modeling concept.

Our Dynamic Price Modeling Concept enables founders of innovative business ideas with global reach within a transparent and controlled environment by tokenizing their business and turning it into a successful company. And investors with participation in company’s success without any organizational restrictions.

The DPMC calculator

DPMC (Dynamic Price Modeling Concept) is connected with the development of a business idea of global reach into
a successful company. The change in the price of a crypto token is shown through a graph in the form of a natural
logarithm. The intensity of change (growth) is influenced by the amount of the market share of the supported project.

Token price vs. Token supply

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